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"They Won't Know What Lit 'Em"

Our story is about assisting you to find the best in yours.


We believe that life was good "back when" and life is good "now." 

Unifying sports fans, enhancing life’s celebrations, coming together for a cause, wherever your life needs a spark, Litewave is there! It’s underdogs digging deep for a win - and the "top dogs" too! It's about pushing past our limits to reach our goals, motivating, inspiring, sparking enthusiasm when we need it most! Litewave is about RALLYING together to create light, energy, and emotion. 

They won’t know what lit ‘em’ 🌟 #Litewave 

Connect With Us:

For all the ways you STRIVE to live your best life!

Life is a hike, each day a chance to do better, be better. Each night a time to dismiss any disappointments that passed over as a dark cloud, being mindful, there is always "light" in the end.

Throwing in the towel is not an option. Choosing to inspire someone else will inspire you. Here at LITEWAVE, we invite you to join with us in doing one thing today that lights a SPARK for someone who needs it - whether it be yourself, a friends, a pet, or someone in the community.

That is the heart and soul of LitewaveIntegrity | Ingenuity | Involvement

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