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Have peace of mind, your dog will be noticed and safer in the dark of night!


dog is all you need.

Love & light for your

A Litewave bandana not only offers your dog swag for the day but can provide a safer journey for nighttime and early morning walks. With a press of a button, you will have light and little more confidence knowing you will stand out for neighbors and cars to see. 

Your pup just may have a new attitude and a new pep in his step.  Birthdays and holiday events always need to be Lit, so light them up and celebrate. “ Let’s go Lola, want to go for a walk?” 


At Litewave we believe life was good back when and life is good now. We set out to make the classic most popular accessory new again. This iconic staple piece breathes in nostalgia, reminding us to keep it simple, it just feels good! 

Love and light for your pup is ALL you need!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“My pup and I love her litewave bandanas! The quality of the fabric is amazing and they are not only stylish but functional. I especially love when Rue wears hers for our morning and evening walks to help keep us safe (plus she looks amazing). She always get compliments when she’s rocking her litewave!  The customer service is great, and they provided quick and helpful responses to my questions! Can’t wait to see more designs in the future!” - Lauren Tuch & Rue 
“The packaging was super cute! It was wrapped with tissue paper and had a cute sticker on it. I honestly wasn’t expecting the battery life to be more than a week or so, but it’s still going strong - even after I accidentally left it on for 4 days. Daisy feels super cute when she’s wearing this bandana (I swear she knows when something is cute because of how people react when they see her lol). Daisy enjoys mud baths but luckily the bandana is washable and it was pretty easy to clean. I just hand washed it, just be careful you don’t soak it in water for long periods of time since it is battery operated. The light mode has a few different light pattern settings which is good for nighttime walks. Daisy is OBSESSED with playing catch and fetch in our backyard and the doggie lite wave makes it easier for me to see where she is before I throw the ball.

Daisy is an older dog but this would be good for a puppy if you wanted your pup to have playtime in the yard and still be able to look out the window to know exactly where they are.” - Daisy 
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