"LITEWAVE was created with the ambition to revamp the timeless bandana and classic rally towel. With a slow process of selling my business and the detailed steps for attaining a patent, the idea was fermented.

After selling that business of 25 years, I found myself restless to jump into this idea to revamp these classic items. A little driven I must say! As an entrepreneur with a little fear yet confident, I began the new journey. Raised in Pittsburgh, the ultimate sports city, home of the original rally towel, I grew to love all sports and naturally The Terrible Towel. Loving the classic paisley bandana, for people and pups, with a simple classic tie on design we ravemped both by adding LED lights.

Now, holding 3 patents I am so proud, although the savings account a little thinner! 

Litewave has set out in hopes of gaining back to give back. In other words, having profit and purpose collide! Covid stole the rally towel for awhile so the comeback for Litewave became about the redesigned doggie bandana.

- Lisa Walker, CEO of Litewave